My Life Story June 30, 2016 at 01:34AM

Posted from Instagram I spent most of my days.
Clueless of what’s really going on while the clues are all around. We overthrew monarchs so we can become our own monarchs, yet we don’t crown ourselves.
Exchanging my time for money I don’t need to throw it at someone else who won’t need it. To have a ‘suit’, to be of clothed is wealth enough but why do we have to spend on things that don’t ‘suit’ us?

Feeding my body food that won’t get absorbed and create waste that doesn’t get cycled. From creation to destruction comes the beginning of rebirth, but we’ve made foods and products that can’t be destroyed. We fuel economies on things that only destroy, like plastic, GMO foods, oil, weapons, lots of sugar. What kind of rebirth would that make?
It’s only fair to say that even if we speak no one is really saying anything. We do things but we’re not really doing anything. Everyone walks into dark rooms that need light only to leave when the sunlight is out.

Did you know they have robots and software that does accounting now? Robots that make food? Online universities and schools?
And so is born my new purpose, my new goal!

Become a spy.
Espionage on my brain. Release all obstacles. The forever student syndrome, contextualise and serve.
Create and protect my wealth, assets, and community. Never let anyone talk down or question my wealth again, save it all and seem like I’m broke.
Steal like an artist. There’s no original idea in this universe, but there’s a lot of of uninformed people.
Although spies don’t conceal information, I’m confident that contextualising to what I really means in this world is nearly impossible! So whatever this may be from waging war with mortality, to anarchy of the old money generation and societies current ‘group think’, you may call it whatever you like!
It’s tiring. If only

#whateverittakes #spylife #spyvsspy #wagewarwithamultitudeofcounselors
#theartofliving #thinklikeagenius #livelikeaspy #foodforthought #thoughtstagram


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